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Thrills, kills and spills as LEGEND serves up April premieres

LEGEND springs into action this April with eleven Channel premieres, including the UK TV premieres of two action thrillers starring the legendary Bruce Willis – AMERICAN SIEGE and HARD KILL.

There are also Channel premieres for sci-fi cult classic DEATH RACE 2000, Italian spaghetti Western A REASON TO LIVE, A, REASON TO DIE, starring Telly Savalas and James Coburn, Alan J. Pakula’s THE DEVIL’S OWN, starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, Brit crime drama VILLIAN, and highly-rated mystery thriller BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL, starring Piece Brosnan and Gerard Butler.

This month’s THE VINTAGE VAULT, which journeys into the history of genre cinema every Sunday night, is spearheaded by the Channel premieres of BEWARE! THE BLOB, Larry Hagman’s sci-fi comedy horror, which is a sequel to The Blob and THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA, the eighth film in Hammer’s Dracula series, and the seventh and final one to feature Christopher Lee in the iconic title role.

Legend premieres in transmission order:

Thurs 3 April  @ 21:00 – BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL (2007) *Channel Premiere

Neil and Abby Randall are a happily married couple living in the Chicago suburbs: bringing up their five-year-old daughter. Then their daughter Is kidnapped, and in the blink of an eye Neil and Abby’s safe and secure existence is turned upside down – at the mercy of a dangerous man who wants to exert total control over their lives.

Sat 5 April @ 21:00 – HARD KILL (2020) *UK TV Premiere

A team of fearless mercenaries are hired by billionaire tech CEO Donovan Chalmers (Bruce Willis) to protect a piece of technology that, if exposed, could destroy the world. Their mission becomes even higher risk when Chalmers’ daughter is kidnapped by a dangerous terrorist group, who will stop at nothing to obtain the tech.

Thurs 11 April @ 21:00 – A REASON TO LIVE, A REASON TO DIE (1972) *Channel Premiere

After an army officer, who surrendered his fort to the Confederates without a fight  is labelled a coward, he decides to regain his honour by leading a group of prisoners on a mission to recapture it. Stars Telly Savalas, James Coburn

Fri 12 April @ 23:00 – DEATH RACE 2000 (1975) *Channel Premiere

In a dystopian future, a cross country automobile race requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians to gain points that are tallied based on each kill’s brutality. This cult classic is produced by Roger Corman, directed by Paul Bartel, and stars David Carradine.

Sat 13 April @ 21.00 – THE DEVIL’S OWN (1996) *Channel premiere

Brad Pitt stars as Frankie McGuire, a young Irishman committed to the struggle against the British, who comes to the U.S. on a secret mission. He moves into the suburban Staten Island home of New York Police Sergeant Tom O’Meara (Harrison Ford) and his wife. When violence enters Tom’s home, he begins to suspect Rory is somehow involved.

Fri 19 April @ 23:00 – VILLAIN (2020) *Channel Premiere

After being released from prison after ten years, Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) attempts to help his family by reconnecting with his daughter and clearing his brother’s debt. Despite his best efforts, he finds himself drawn back into a life of crime, with devastating consequences.

Sat 20 April @ 21:00 – AMERICAN SIEGE (2021) *UK TV premiere

Small-town sheriff Ben Watts (Bruce Willis) has to contend with a gang of thieves who have taken a wealthy doctor hostage in a race against time. Also stars Rob Gough and Timothy V. Murphy.

Sun 21 April @ 21:00 – BEWARE! THE BLOB (1972) *Channel Premiere
*Part of The Vintage Vault

A technician brings a frozen specimen of the original Blob back from the North Pole. When his wife accidentally defrosts the thing, it terrorizes the populace, including the local hippies, kittens, and bowlers. This sequel to The Blob Stars Robert Walker and Gwynne Gilford.

Sun 28 April @ 21:00 – THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA (1973)
*Channel Premiere
*Part of The Vintage Vault

In 1974, Professor Lorrimer Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) investigates a satanic cult on behalf of Scotland Yard, only to discover a plot by Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) to wipe out humanity with a bubonic plague.

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