FrightFest 2021 Digital Best Of Fest

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up

Following hot on the heels of the physical event at the Cineworld Leicester Square, Arrow Video FrightFest is presenting a five-day online edition, which will take place between Sept 1 and Sept 5.  This ‘Best of the Fest’ gives audiences the opportunity to experience this year’s genre celebrations at home, while giving others the chance to catch up with the titles they might have missed at the Cineworld.

There are also five ‘Digital only’ bonus presentations and Horror Channel once again teams up as a Digital sponsor, giving particular support to the First Blood strand for the second year running.

Stewart Bridle, Senior Channel Manager, Horror Channel, commented: “Horror Channel is excited to once again partner with FrightFest for their Digital Edition this September, which promises another amazing line-up of the latest and best in deliciously dark film delivered directly to your home. We are especially proud to support the ‘First Blood’ strand for the second year. ‘First Blood’ shines an important spotlight on first-time British and Irish feature directors, whose bold creations ensure that the future of genre cinema remains bright.”

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up

The line-up will be split between The Arrow Video and Horror Channel Digital screens, with the addition of a third Discovery screen. Pass holders will be able to choose what to watch across all three screens, which will be streamed as live, and only once. All films are geo-locked and can only be viewed in the UK.

Passes and Tickets go on sale Saturday 14th August. For detailed information on the line-up, ticketing details & event guidelines:

Ticket prices: Pass: £80 Single films: £8.50

Movies from the main screens that will be repeated in the digital line-up are: Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ mystery fantasy THE SHOW, the South African fantasy GAIA, the shellshock creature feature CRABS!, Rodrigo Fiallega’s blood-drenched shocker, THE EXORCISM OF CARMEN FARIAS, BROADCAST SIGNAL INTRUSION, the first feature to emerge from FrightFest’s ‘New Blood’ initiative, electrifying thriller COMING HOME IN THE DARK, the German 70s nostalgia-fest DAWN BREAKS BEHIND THE EYES, Rob Schroeder’s startling puzzle box Sci-Fi mystery, ULTRASOUND, extreme comedy KING KNIGHT, the cruelly comic misadventure SWEETIE, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT, and Dominic Brunt’s EVIE, a frighteningly sinister take on the shape-shifting Selkie myth, co-directed with Jamie Lundy and starring Michael Smiley and Holli Dempsey.

Most of the Discovery screen line-up will be given a digital home, including sinister isolation thriller MOTHERLY, AS IN HEAVEN, SO ON EARTH, Francesco Erba’s stunning Italian blend of live action and Gothic puppet animation, HOTEL POSEIDON, Belgium’s latest wildly inventive genre hit, Mel House’s metaphysical horror MYSTERY SPOT, director/writers/stars Glenn Payne and Casey Dillard new slasher, KILLER CONCEPT. Gonzalo Calzada’s astonishing tour de force NOCTURNA: SIDE A – THE GREAT OLD MAN’S NIGHT, José María Cicala’s SHADOW OF THE CAT, starring Danny Trejo as you’ve never seen him before, Alejandro Cohen Arazi’s cult hit THE UNBURIED and FORGIVENESS, a surreal, violent and revenge-laden horror thriller by new Mexploitation maestro Alex Kahuam.

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up
Bad Candy

Plus, there’s BAD CANDY, which has been hailed as the best Halloween portmanteau since TRICK ‘R’ TREAT, ANTIDOTE, which goes deep inside a horror hospital, Stephen King Simmons’ stunning black-and-white feature debut THE PARKER SESSIONS, GREYWOOD’S PLOT, a creature feature send-up for our times and the intense drama TOUCH – the winner of the NYC Independent Film Best Movie and Director awards.

The fearsome fun continues with RED SNOW, a bloodsucking spook-a-blast that puts a stake through the heart of comedy horror, the unique LAGUNA AVE. where metal fetishism goes the full John Waters route, Beau Ballinger’s SHE WATCHES FROM THE WOODS, a chilling walk between supernatural curses and mental health, the disturbing familial psychodrama CAPTIVE and the out of this world NIGHT DRIVE.

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up

The three documentaries are also repeated – WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED: A HISTORY OF FOLK HORROR, a 3-HOUR PLUS enchantment that, explores the folk horror phenomenon from its roots, THE FOUND FOOTAGE PHENOMENON, which tells you everything you need to know about the origins and growth of the shaky-cam genre and POV Cinema, and Paul Hunt and Julie Kauffman’s obsessive THE BRILLIANT TERROR, is a totally absorbing delve into the Grassroots Horror movement.

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up

Plus there are the First Blood selections, supported by Horror Channel : Seb Cox’s ARE WE MONSTERS, a unique werewolf coming-of-age saga, Ian Steele’s BOY #5, an innovative take on the vampire myth, Conor Buro’s WHEN THE SCREAMING STARTS, a spirited horror mockumentary, and Richard Waters’ BRING OUT THE FEAR, which explores a doomed relationship on its final day. Complementing the First Blood entries is the UK premiere of Adam Ethan Crow’s LAIR, a pitch-black supernatural tale of deception, demonic devastation and death.

Other Digital only bonus titles include the World premiere of Gerald Rascionato’s CLAW, a fun creature feature Jurassic Lark, the UK premiere of Chad Crawford Kinkle’s bold DEMENTER which represents the developmentally disabled while being a thrilling and disturbing chiller, and two vintage slashers, which will receive their Worldwide Arrow Restoration Premieres: PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC’S REVENGE (1989) and DEADLY GAMES (1982).

Arrow Video FrightFest announces Digital ‘Best of The Fest’ line-up
Deadly Games

Of course, FrightFest wouldn’t be the same without some sneak previews and tantalising trailers. Plus there will be plenty of guests popping up to introduce their films and the FrightFest directors will be hosting some Q & As.

Alan Jones. Co-director of FrightFest reflected: “FrightFest will always see the collective theatrical viewing experience as central to our mission. Nothing can replace the anticipatory buzz waiting for the house lights to dim in a crowded cinema, or catching up with festival friends from far-flung corners of the world. But now we relish the prospect of commitment to virtual programming and how it will complement, enhance, and expand the reach of our in-person programming. So, for the first time in FrightFest’s always forward-thinking history, we have embraced the newly minted hybrid format to satisfy our past, present and future community”.

Digital programme details:

FrightFest 2021 – Film Stills (selection)

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