Dominic Brunt’s new horror movie, WOLF MANOR, enters post-production.

First look stills revealed

Dominic Brunt’s WOLF MANOR

The werewolf horror thriller WOLF MANOR has entered post-production.

Directed by Dominic Brunt, this full-throttle, gore-filled tale of a film crew caught in the claws of a manor house’s resident werewolf, was shot in three weeks in locations in Shropshire.

Brunt’s UK-produced film, which was written by Pete Wild and Joel Ferrari, stars James Fleet, (Bridgerton, Operation Mincemeat) Jay Taylor (Donkey Punch, Misfits), Thaila Zucchi (Evie, Attack of the Adult Babies), Rupert Procter (Luther, Ripper Street)) and John Henshaw (The Keeper, Looking For Eric).

Wolf Manor’s creature design was created by renowned special make-up effects artist Shaune Harrison (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Avengers: Age of Ultron). Make-up design is by Katie Wrigley and Costume Design is by Lance Milligan.

Dominic Brunt’s WOLF MANOR

Synopsis: Shooting a vampire flick in an old, abandoned manor house should have worked like a dream, but the film crew are out of their depth, over schedule and desperate to get the shoot finished and go home. However, as the moon turns full, the nightmare begins. Blood flows and the body count rises as cast & crew meet the manor’s resident werewolf…

Dominic Brunt’s WOLF MANOR

Dominic Brunt commentated: “‘Wolf Manor does exactly what it says on the tin. A werewolf film with a rocket up its behind. Buckets of blood, beautiful countryside, a stellar cast and world class prosthetics make Wolf Manor a wild ride and, (we humbly feel), it’s a worthy addition to the werewolf movie cannon”

WOLF MANOR is a Mitchell-Brunt production, directed by Dominic Brunt and written by Pete Wild and Joel Ferrari. The film is produced by Joanne Mitchell and exec produced by Pete Wild.

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