Angela Dixon

Angela Dixon

Actress Angela Dixon is set to grab the attention of film fans across the globe as Lisa Brennan, a former FBI agent desperately searching for her abducted daughter, in Howard J Ford’s action thriller feature film NEVER LET GO.

Andy Nyman

From headlining in Brit horror flicks SEVERANCE & BLACK DEATH, to directing Derren Brown’s live shows, creating smash-hit stage show GHOST STORIES, which he has now adapted for the big screen , Andy Nyman is acknowledged as one of the UK’s most talented actors and writers.

Cannibal Films

Cannibal Films is run by Alex Lightman, Tom Kerevan and Em Herman. Their first movie TEAR ME APART is a Cannibal Horror Romance, starring Alfie Stewart, Jennie Eggleton and Frazer Alexander. They are now  in development with their second feature, GUN, a psychological thriller.

Chris Smith

After a series of acclaimed movies, CREEP, SEVERANCE, TRIANGLE and BLACK DEATH, the award-winning horror director Chris Smith has elevated his position from a talent to watch to one of the leading lights of the British cinema scene. Watch out for his most current movies – GET SANTA and DETOUR.

Christopher Fowler

Author of over 40 books and recipient of numerous awards, Christopher Fowler, the acclaimed master of dark urban fiction, is perhaps best-known for his enduring detective series BRYANT & MAY. He has also written two well received memoirs: PAPERBOY and FILM FREAK.

Claudia Gerini

Claudia Gerini is one of Italy’s most famous actresses but is also known internationally through films such as Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF CHRIST and the giallo thriller TULPA, directed by Federico Zampaglione. She also starred as Marie Cecile in the TV mini-series LABYRINTH, directed by Christopher Smith.

Derren Brown

A multi award-winning performer, writer and artist, Derren Brown is a consummate showman who has pushed the boundaries of magic entertainment to a new level and gained a global reputation for his originality, versatility and daring. He recently completed a national tour and West End run of DERREN BROWN: UNDERGROUND. and his new book, HAPPY, is now available.

Edward Hilsum

Edward is acknowledged by his peers as one of the brightest of the current crop of emerging magic entertainers, praised by the likes of Derren Brown, Dynamo and Troy for his charismatic dexterity and engaging persona.  He recently starred in the 2015 & 2016 tours of CHAMPIONS OF MAGIC.

Emily Booth

Described as “one of the iconic women of horror”, actress, presenter and all-round movie buff Emily Booth is currently the face of the Horror Channel and writes a regular column for Scream Magazine.  She produced, wrote and starred in the short film SELKIE and stars in the feature film SHED OF THE DEAD.

Federico Zampaglione

Federico Zampaglione took terror to new heights with his debut horror film SHADOW, which was defined as “the renaissance of Italian horror”. His most recent film is the neo-giallo horror feature TULPA, starring Claudia Gerini and Michele Placido. He is also the lead singer of the Italian band TIROMANCINO.



From its cult roots at the Prince Charles Cinema in 2000, FrightFest has grown to become one of the genre’s most vibrant, credible and recognisable brands. Apart from the annual 5-day event in London,  it has an ever-growing strand at the Glasgow Film Festival, hosts a nationwide Halloween horrorthon and showcases special screenings throughout the year in assocation with leading film distributors.


FrightFest Presents

FrightFest, the UK’s leading horror fantasy film festival, and Icon Film Distribution (IFD) have formed FrightFest Presents, a genre release platform where FrightFest screened / endorsed films will be made available across the UK and Ireland via IFD’s digital partners.

Horror Channel

Horror Channel is the UK’s first TV channel dedicated to the dark side of cinema and television. Broadcasting on Freeview 70, Sky channel 319, Virgin 149 and Freesat 138, it’s the UK’s number one destination for horror movies, supernatural series and programmes about the people who make them.

Howard J Ford

With his US-hit feature films THE DEAD and THE DEAD 2: INDIA, director Howard J Ford, has taken the zombie movie genre to a new level. He new film, NEVER LET GO, released in the UL in Oct 2016, is an action-thriller in which a single mother is in a race against time to find her kidnapped daughter.

Icon Film Distribution

Icon Film Distribution is one of the UK’s leading independent film distributors with a library of over 200 titles ranging from mainstream hits such as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and WHAT WOMEN WANT to specialist break-out titles such as Tom Ford’s A SINGLE MAN, LA VIE EN ROSE, MAN ON WIRE, and multiple BAFTA and Oscar® nominee Nicolas Winding Refn’s DRIVE.

Jaci Stephen

Award-winning writer and broadcaster Jaci Stephen has written for all Britain’s quality newspapers, reviewing TV, film and books and writing general features and columns – all delivered with her unique brand of humour that has earned her a loyal readership. She has just completed the first volume of her brutally frank, yet warmly embracing memoirs – CRUSHED!

Jake West

Jake West has cheekily hacked, slashed and gored his way into recognition as a highly talented writer & director of horror/comedy films. The success of his fourth film, DOGHOUSE, further established him as one of a crop of emerging Brit filmmakers injecting new blood into the genre.

James Freedman

Dubbed ‘The Man of Steal’, Freedman is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best pickpocket entertainers, who has performed in front of audiences worldwide. No wonder then that his hands have been insured for £1 million. His sell-out one-man show JAMES FREEDMAN: MAN OF STEAL performed at the Menier Chocolate Factory and the Trafalgar Studios.


Jane Spencer

THE NINTH CLOUD, starring Michael Madsen and Megan Maczko, is Spencer’s third feature film and further consolidates her reputation as one of America’s leading female auteur filmmakers. She is currently in post-production on her next film, SOUTH OF HOPE STREET, a futuristic mystery thriller.

Joanne Mitchell

Described as “gritty, powerful & immensely smart”, actress and film producer Joanne Mitchell is one of the UK’s leading lights in the horror and fantasy genre. She conceived, produced and starred in internationally-acclaimed zombie drama BEFORE DAWN (2013), female revenge thriller BAIT (2015) and horror comedy ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES, all directed by husband and producing partner Dominic Brunt

Joseph Millson

Joseph is one of his generation’s leading stage actors having played many leading roles including Raoul in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s LOVE NEVER DIES. He recently played Macbeth in MACBETH at the Globe Theatre to great acclaim and plays the lead role of Nicholas in The Ford Brother’s THE DEAD 2: INDIA.

Kevin Howarth

‘Intense’, ‘enigmatic’ and ‘darkly mesmerising’, award-winning actor Kevin Howarth is best known for playing complex and dangerous leading roles, such as Max, the suave serial killer in his breakthrough movie THE LAST HORROR MOVIE; Peter, the mentally disturbed drifter in SUMMER SCARS; and Viktor, the psychotic brothel keeper in Paul Hyett’s THE SEASONING HOUSE.

Marcia Do Vales

One of the UK’s brightest horror genre imports, Brazilian-born Marcia Do Vales is not only carving a name for herself as an film actress, but gaining a reputation as a gifted producer, with Paul Hyett’s supernatural thriller Heretiks her latest credit. She is set to star in supernatural thriller QUAIL HOLLOW in 2018.

Michael Madsen

Multi-award winning actor and poet Michael Madsen is globally recognised for his iconic film roles, in particular as the sadistic killer, Mr. Blonde, in Quentin Tarantino’s RESERVOIR DOGS , but also for lead roles in KILL BILL, SIN CITY, DIE ANOTHER DAY, DONNIE BRASCO, THE GETAWAY, THE DOORS and THELMA & LOUISE and THE HATEFUL EIGHT.

Michael Vine

Michael Vine is a producer and talent agent who owns Michael Vine Associates and Vaudeville Productions.  He was co-founder of TV production company Objective Productions, with Andrew O’Connor. Michael produced his first feature film, the horror western, BLOOD MOON and productions for 2016 onwards include DERREN BROWN: MIRACLE and a raft of TV and film projects to be announced.

Movie Mogul Films

Headed up by MD and producer/director John Shackleton and Director of Operations, Gareth I. Davies Movie Mogul Films Ltd is a film production company that produced the internet thriller, PANIC BUTTON and THE SLEEPING ROOM, a supernatural thriller, directed by Shackleton.

Nicholas Briggs

To his legion of fans across the world Nicholas Briggs is known as the legendary voice of the Daleks, co-author of The Dalek Survival Guide and co-executive producer of Big Finish Productions, the hugely successful company licensed by the BBC to make Doctor Who audio drama.

Nucleus Films

Nucleus Films was sent up by filmmaker JAKE WEST & writer/film researcher MARC MORRIS to distribute rare cult films in the UK as well as produce documentaries and featurettes for DVD. Recent releases include their two best-selling box-sets, VIDEO NASTIES: A DEFINITIVE GUIDE and the follow-up, VIDEO NASTIES: A DEFINITIVE GUIDE PART 2.

Patrick Hughes

Described as “the undisputed master of visual paradox and puzzle”, Hughes work as an artist spans the generations giving him an international status and an enduring, admiring public, who remain fascinated by his unique inter-active paintings and constructions. Defined as ‘Reverspectives’, Hughes conjurors up visual illusions on a three-dimensional surface, where the parts of the picture which seem farthest away, are actually physically the nearest.

Paul Hyett

Paul Hyett is a former award winning special make up effects designer, whose credits include THE DESCENT, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, HARRY BROWN and HUNGER. He has now successfully turned to directing and his credits incude THE SEASONING HOUSE and HOWL. He is currently directing his third feature, HERETIKS,

Peccadillo Pictures

Peccadillo Pictures is an award-winning UK film distributor of Art House, Gay & Lesbian and World Cinema. Launched in 2000, Peccadillo nurtures new and upcoming talent alongside established directors. As well as bringing an array of films to cinemas across the UK and Ireland, Peccadillo provides film viewing on a variety of platforms. In addition, they distribute short films and rereleases of classic titles.

Simon Rumley

Director/writer Simon Rumley burst onto the film scene with his tragi-horror THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, winner of 15 awards. His disturbing, sociopathic study of sex, love and revenge RED WHITE & BLUE, has become an international cult favourite. He has currently completed production on the Nic Roeg produced biopic CROWHURST and gangster film ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDON.

Templeheart Films

Templeheart Films

Templeheart Films is a UK-based film investment outfit run by award-winning M.D Lyndon Baldock. Since its formation in 2008, the company has been involved in the finance, development and production of over 30 feature films and is regularly listed in the BFI Statistical Yearbook in the top 10 UK film production companies.

The Horror Show

TheHorrorShow.TV is a UK-based video-on-demand streaming service specialising in horror and fantasy films. Run by David Hughes and Jack Bowyer, the pay-as-you platform offers top-flight features, popular classics, cult favourites and edgy underground titles.

TriCoast Worldwide

Founded by Strath Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton, TriCoast Worldwide, based in California, is a unique full-service media company, specialising in global film and TV production, distribution and film finance.